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Explore Mayan ruins and/or immerse yourself in the Spanish language.


Centre-in-Mexico is located in Merida, Mexico, a vibrant, historic, and beautiful city on the Yucatan Peninsula, cradled between Mayan ruins and the Caribbean coast. Students have two study pathways to choose from. The first is Centre-in-the-Yucatan, and the second is through a small Spanish-immersion program at Marista University.

Program Options

  • Each student, as part of the required course, works at a site relevant to the student’s personal and professional interests, such as museums, schools, medical facilities, social organizations, the city government, or a business.
  • All students are placed in homestays in upper-middle class families that have hosted Centre students for many years. Each homestay is handpicked by our on-site coordinator and matches the needs and preferences of students selected for the program.
  • The Centre-planned and paid-for excursions around the Yucatan peninsula are highlights of the program. Recent programs have also spent a week in Cuba, an unforgettable experience in this time of transition for our Caribbean neighbor.
Marista University
  • The Universidad Marista de Merida, with a student population of about 2,225, was founded in 1996 and is part of the Marist brotherhood congregation, a Catholic order founded in 1817 in France.
  • The Marista program is a great option for independent very advanced Spanish speaking students. Spanish comprehension, reading, and writing skills are a must since all courses are taught in Spanish.

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