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Experience the city of the future.


Shanghai, a thriving city of 24 million people, is the economic and commercial center for the entire Pacific Rim. Its stunning architecture alone has caused it to be known as “the city of the future,” and its enormous environmental, economic, and social challenges and achievements are mirrored across China and around the world. Based on student feedback and requests, Centre has teamed up with the Alliance for Global Education (IFSA-Butler), one of this country’s most respected and largest study-abroad organizations, to create a new program in Shanghai specifically tailored to the needs of Centre students.

Program Highlights

The program sponsors a week-long field study trip to Southwestern China’s Yunan Province, including hiking in the famous mountainous areas, visiting small Yi and Miao minority villages, and exploring the natural beauty of the Stone Forest and rain forest of Xishuangbanna
Full schedule of excursions, events, and lectures designed to enhance understanding of China and the historical and modern influences that impact its culture and people.
The Centre-in-China program includes a guaranteed internship—though any student not wishing to have an internship can substitute an elective (or two) course(s). IFSA arranges internships in an area of your academic or professional interest.

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