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Our faculty are Centre’s heart. They nurture the culture of the College—our sense of common purpose and our passion for learning—and they share it enthusiastically with our students. Impressive awards and international honors certainly reflect the academic strength of our faculty, but beyond the statistics and accolades is the fact that they truly care about your growth and success.

Each year about 16 of our faculty—from disciplines across the academic spectrum—teach their subjects in the context of another culture.

Our approach
#2 in the nation for study abroad according to Princeton Review
9 countries for residential study abroad programs
14 typical international locations for CentreTerm classes
free passport with admission
$70,000 stipends given to students completing abroad internships in 2016
2,268 weeks spent abroad by the class of 2016
Centre students have interned in more than 20 countries since 2013
16 faculty teach abroad each year

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GO GLOBAL (GUARANTEED). Travel the world with Centre as your passport. Centre gives you access to the world and teaches you to thrive in other cultures. We have semester-long residential programs led by Centre professors in:
Our residential programs during the fall and spring terms cost the same as study on the Danville campus except for airfare and a $375 surcharge that helps cover outings and special meals. All financial aid remains exactly the same. It will never be so inexpensive for you to live in another country.
We also offer a wealth of shorter programs all over the world. About 85 percent of Centre students study abroad at least once—and roughly 30 percent at least twice—so chances are you will, too. Under the terms of the Centre Commitment, students are guaranteed an international experience (as long as they meet the College’s academic and social expectations).
In addition to our long-term programs, we offer an ever-changing array of January and summer trips. CentreTerm classes in January 2018 will be held in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; Brazil; Costa Rica; Greece; Italy and Switzerland; Japan; London; Morocco and Spain; and New Zealand. We also offer an internship program in Merida, Mexico, every CentreTerm.
For those who prefer an urban experience closer to home, we offer a “study away” internship program in Washington, D.C. Students complete an internship and take courses in the fall or spring term. The classes in D.C.—“Art and Architecture” and “The City as Text”—make full use of the Capitol City as the classroom.
Centre students will:
• Study abroad
• Have an internship or research opportunity
• Graduate in four years
We back our promise of a deeply engaging and intensely personal education with a guarantee. If you meet regular academic and social expectations,
you will complete all three parts of the Centre Commitment, or the College will provide up to an additional year of study tuition-free.